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Center bearings

We are transmision shaft center bearing manufacturer in China, these products can be devided into 45 types by catagory. each type includes several detailed sizes. we have more than 100 sizes center beaing proudcts, including America and Europe types, for Benz, Volvo, Scania, DAF, Man, Iveco, Renault and Chinese products etc.

the America and Europe types include: 210084-2X,210027-1X,210121-1X,210130-1X,210140-1X,210144-1X,210207-1X,210370-1X,210391-1X,210433-1X,210527X,210527X,210661-1X,210866-1X,210875-1X,210271-1X,211187X;

the European products include: 284.009,284.010,284.011,284.012,284.013,284.014,284.015,284.021,2629Benz,

the South American products include: 2700,2701,2702,2702.5,2703,2704,2704.05,2706,2707,2707.05,2707.10, 2708, 2711, 2712, 2714.05, 2715, 2716,2719,2722, 2728, 2740, 2740.05, 2750, 2750.02, 2760, 2760.05, 2760.07, 2760.10, 2760.15, 2770, 2770.05, 2760.06, 2770.08

we also has the types suits for Japan trucks and domestic vechels use.

Feng De center support bearing units products range

if you need more details of Center support bearing units, please contact us.
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