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Small cardan shaft assy


We are Industry cardan shaft manufacturer in China, our industry cardan shaft range from roatation 40mm to 800mm, we also produce cardan shaft based on customers’ specail requirement. industry cardan shaft are widely used in all sorts of industry field, such as paper, chemical, rolling mills, textile, agriculture, engineering etc.

The following is Feng De small and light cardan shaft Assy. reference.

Feng De small cardan shaft ( Feng De code: FDISM series) product range from rotation 40mm to rotation 140mm, the torque range from 150nm to 4000nm. the flange connectiong size from DIN( or SAE) 45/58/65/75/90/100/120/150 or Hub connection design.

Feng De small cardans shaft types

Lz=Standard length,or compressed length for designs with
length compensation;
La=Length compensation;
Tn =Nominal torque;
Tf= Fatigue torque,i.e. permissible torque as determined
according to the fatigue strength under reversing load
γ=Maximum deflection angle;
mL= weight per 100mm tube;
2.Milimeters are used as measurement units except
where noted;
3.Please consult us for customizations regarding length
length compensation and flange connections .
(DIN or SAE etc.)

Feng De small cardans shaft Assy

Small cardan shaft super short assy. 1

Small cardan shaft super short assy. 2

Small cardan shaft with tube slip design

Small cardan shaft with Hub end yoke desiion


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