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Tube yokes / Welding yokes / End yokes

We are drive shaft parts manufacturer in China with wide range,including tube yoke, weld yoke, end yoke. there are about 100 types flanges suits for all sort of small, middle and heavy trucks, and industrial use.

New types for development is welcome.

Feng De tube yoke / welded yoke / End yoke sereis

1,Tube yoke for small transmission and cardan shaft

including: Wide categlory of transmission shaft tube yokes, for Mini car, Pick-up, light trucks etc.

Small industry cardan shaft tube yokes, from rotation 45mm,58mm,65mm,75mm,90mm,100mm,116mm, 120mm.

the types including 287.10/20, 687.15/20, 587.10, 1000/1100/1300 sereis

2,Tube yoke for GWB 587 & 687 series heavy trucks


the heavy transmissilon shaft for middle and heavy trucks , from 9Tons to 40 Tons for Benz, Volvo , Scania, Iveco and Chinese truck brand tube yokes.

Suits, GWB 587.20/30/35/42/48/50 and 687/35/45/55, 385/ 389/ GE series

3,Tube yoke for Dana spicer American series.


American markt spicer 1000, 1120,1140,1210,1300, 1310,1350,1410,1480,1550,1610, 1710,1810,


4,Scania P400/P500/P600

5,Wing bearing tube yoke.


Mechanical 5C, 6C, 7C,8.5C,9C, 10C tube yokes, weled yokes.

6,End yoke for light cardan shaft,


end yokes suits industry cardan shaft 45 series, 65 series, 75 sereis, 90 series, 100 series, 1310 series,special sereis etc.

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